Attractive Home Front Design

Attractive Home Front Design – Maybe you’ve read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, along with an attractive home front design.

Everyone who wants to build a house often has difficulty choosing an exterior design. In fact, this is very natural because the design of the house on the front or the exterior is the first part seen by people who pass in front of it, so you must be able to choose the best home design possible. Through the front view of the house design will also be reflected in how the interior and the character of the occupants.

Modern Minimalist Home Design
The front design of the house in the modern minimalist style is always the prima donna because there is an impression of luxury in its simplicity without many ornaments. In the house design inspiration above, the building is dominated by high-quality iron and glass materials so that it remains strong and supportive. The use of clear glass has also succeeded in making the house look wider and more attractive.

The roof model used to perfect the design of the house in front of this is a flat roof which is indeed a characteristic of modern minimalist housing. On the outside of this house, there is a minimalist pool on which is equipped with a bridge with iron railings. Do not forget, there is also a secondary variation of the horizontal striped skin which is also made of iron at the top of the house design.

Home Design Front View with Natural Stone
Natural stone never fails to create a natural impression in a home. You don’t need to apply to all parts of the house, just one side or a certain part, like this example of a house design in front of you. At the front of the house, there are supporting walls and other variations of walls made of natural stone with bright colors. The natural stone wall materials that you can use include andesite, granite, or palimanan.

The front view of the house design uses dim lighting which makes the atmosphere full of warmth and more homey. To enhance the natural impression of this front view house design, you can add a variety of green plants. Thus, your home will be more beautiful.

Stacked Front View House Design
Furthermore, there is a house design that looks very unique because it looks as if it consists of four different buildings stacked on top of each other. In fact, the building of this house is one unit. The front view of the house design adopts a simple house with a sloping roof on both sides. However, there are three simple houses with different sizes in one building.

The front design of the house is covered in pure white and almost all over the front surface there are minimalist windows framed by a black frame. In fact, the entrance door is made of glass, so the front design of the house looks very aesthetic.

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Home Design Modern Traditional Front
Combining traditional house concepts with modern designs, why not? You can still have a house with a contemporary style without leaving traditional elements. The proof, is in the design of this very charming front house.

The modern design can be seen in the open and separate building model. In addition, the tilted upper part of the building and the large number of glass window openings also support the modern impression of the house’s front design. Meanwhile, the traditional design is located on the roof using wood material and a rustic style window frame.