Property Business Benefits

Property Business Benefits

Property Business Benefits – The following is an article that discusses the benefits that investors will achieve when investing in the property business.

The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the country since three months ago, has been recorded pressing property prices, both new property and secondary property. One factor that triggers a decline in the price of new property offered by developers, one of which is the decreasing level of demand. This happened because people’s purchasing power had decreased, due to economic uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

The rising unemployment rate due to this crisis has also made potential customers, especially end users who have been terminated, to cancel their intention to buy new property. On the other hand, employees who are more fortunate have to postpone the purchase of new properties because they have to be on guard amid the uncertain economic conditions of the country. The reason is, even though the new normal has been implemented, it turns out that the curve for COVID-19 sufferers is actually increasing every day.

During the pandemic, there was intense pressure on the property business, including on new residential properties. According to data from Indonesia Property Watch (IPW), the sales value of new residential properties in DKI Jakarta in the first quarter of 2020 was recorded at IDR 83,230,609,980 or decreased by 33.3% on a quarterly basis (qtq).

This value is still lower than the same quarter last year, which was 24.3% on an annual basis (yoy). This is also reflected in the number of units sold, which also decreased by 37.9% (qtq) or decreased by 29.4% (yoy).

Of the total new property sales, the segment of house prices above Rp2 billion dominated 75%. Meanwhile, the composition of home sales at a price of IDR 1 billion – IDR 2 billion is 25%.

So, is now the right time for consumers or investors to buy new properties?\

Investment Opportunities in the Middle of Crisis

In Chinese, crisis is defined as “weiji”. The word weiji is a combination of two words: “wei” which means danger, while “ji” means opportunity. This word can mean that, in every threatening danger, there is always an opportunity to be had. This includes the property business, especially new properties.

Advantages of Buying New Property Now

In current conditions, the monitored developer has issued and offered many attractive purchase programs. The point is how consumers can absorb their products, while developers can play cash flow to survive. If you look at the many attractive incentives being given today, there is not necessarily a similar incentive when conditions were normal.

Here are some of the advantages of buying new property during a pandemic crisis like this:

1. Special Price

The laws of supply and demand apply to the new property market. When demand is limited, while supply is abundant, the selling price will naturally fall — or at least stagnate. In current conditions, where developers find it difficult to sell their new properties, new residential property prices are expected to fall. Indonesia Property Watch predicts that in the second quarter of 2020, new residential property prices will drop by an average of 5% – 8%.

The trend that is happening now is that many developers offer special prices (in the form of discounts or cashback) when selling their new properties. The figure can reach above 10%. For both consumers and investors, this is a golden opportunity to buy new property.

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2. Various Attractive Promotions

Buying a new property now means you have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of promotions and interesting gimmicks from the developer. This promo can be in the form of direct prizes in the form of cash or goods, down payment subsidies (DP), interest subsidies, or mortgage interest rates that are lower than market interest rates.

In addition, developers usually offer easy ways to pay, such as paid holidays. With this promo, prospective buyers can book or book the desired new property, then start paying a few months later, depending on the promo promised by the developer.

3. More Choices

With fewer enthusiasts, you certainly have more choices for new properties — whether comparing properties across multiple projects, or units in one project. For information, in a new property project, especially residential, consumers tend to choose certain units, such as a house facing a direction other than the west, choosing a house with a certain number and avoiding certain numbers that are considered unlucky, avoiding houses in the skewer area, and so on. Now, with a minimum number of potential buyers, you are more free to choose the new property unit you want.

4. High Gain Capital

Buying new property in a crisis, where the purchase price is low, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a high capital gain when the property market situation returns to normal. This is because the developer will gradually increase the price of new properties that have not been sold at this time, especially when entering the seller’s market phase.

More Profit to Buy a House or Apartment

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More Profit to Buy a House or Apartment – Houses and apartments are different things that both investors and residents alike love. But what you have to know is which one is more profitable.

Considerations made based on the cost-benefit ratio when living in an apartment or landed house can be an effective guide in choosing a residence. The type of living space chosen will greatly affect the amount of monthly expenses, property investment, lifestyle and social life of the owner of the residence in the future.

Whether it’s an apartment or a house, each has its own advantages and disadvantages when viewed from multiple perspectives.


Distance can be a major consideration in determining the right type of occupancy between apartments or landed houses.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find landed houses that are located close to office areas or are in the city center. Limited land in urban areas makes developers focus on building landed houses in suburban areas.

Apartments themselves are specially built to solve the problem of lack of residential land in the city center. Therefore, if your job requires you to live close to your office location, when you have to choose between an apartment or a house, living in an apartment will be better than living in a narrow house that has more mileage.

The problem is that apartments in the city center are generally very expensive and the availability of units is limited. If the budget is insufficient when choosing between an apartment or a house, housing that is located in strategic locations, such as those directly connected to toll roads or integrated with public transportation, can be an option.

Ownership Rights

The property ownership factor is also often considered when choosing to live in an apartment or house. The reason is, when you buy a house, you will get a Certificate of Ownership (SHM) on the land and buildings you live in.

Meanwhile, the ownership rights you receive when buying an apartment are limited to Building Use Rights (HGB) which are only valid for 20 years and need to be renewed thereafter through a certain process.

Maintenance and Security

Facilities are another important factor in weighing the advantages of living in an apartment or house.

If you live in an apartment, you can indeed be accommodated with various comfortable facilities. Unit maintenance such as electricity and water installations are directly handled by the developer. The security of living in an apartment is also more guaranteed because it has a more professional security unit and a sophisticated system.

However, to obtain this convenience, apartment unit owners need to pay a monthly fee to the developer, which is quite expensive compared to the maintenance costs of living in a landed house. Living in a landed house can make the owner more independent and economical in terms of residential maintenance.

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Investment Side

A residence, be it an apartment or a house, is an investment asset for the owner. Apart from being residential, apartments are also very likely to generate more investment when leased, especially when located in strategic locations.

However, according to an expert financial planner, Eko Endarto, landed houses are the most profitable assets because land prices continue to increase significantly every year. When choosing between an apartment or a house, it is better to consider the convenience of selling a landed house, in contrast to apartments that are difficult to sell.

Living Environment

After all, living in an apartment will always be limited by various regulations so that it is not as comfortable as living at home. Likewise with the area of ​​an apartment that has been fixed, unlike a house which even though its initial area is small, it can still be expanded in size vertically or horizontally.

Even in your neighbor’s life, living in an apartment or house certainly has a difference. Because you live in close proximity, you can’t get the maximum privacy like living at home.

The Difference Between Clusters and Townhouses

The Difference Between Clusters and Townhouses

The Difference Between Clusters and Townhouses – Do you know the difference between a cluster and a townhouse, ordinary people usually don’t know this. but for those of you who want to enter the world of property, you must know this.

Before deciding to choose one type of house between cluster houses or townhouses, it’s good to know more about the differences between cluster houses and townhouses.

1. A cluster house does not mean a townhouse

Before discussing more about the difference between cluster houses and townhouses, it is important to first understand the definition of these two types of housing.

A cluster house is a group of houses built in one environment with a harmonious composition without any fences separating the yard. However, generally there is only one access road in and out which is guarded by security officers, so that the safety of the residents is considered guaranteed.

Meanwhile, a townhouse is generally defined as a housing complex with a limited number of units located in the middle of the city with a system like a cluster house where the entire complex is protected by fences or walls. The supporting facilities provided specifically for townhouse residents can be considered exclusive and magnificent, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and others.

2. Different residential property design policies

If you are someone who prefers a dream house with a view that is free to tamper with, it’s a good idea to choose a cluster house. Even though the house that was purchased already has its own architectural design, it does not rule out that you can renovate the house so that the architectural design of the house is more in line with your wishes.

It’s different with townhouses, the architectural design of the house is even more magnificent and charming to suit the entire complex. However, unlike cluster houses, it is generally not allowed to renovate the front view of the house.

3. Different basic concepts of housing complexes

In the cluster housing complex, the main priority lies in the safety of the residential environment. The cluster housing uses a one gate system or one access system which is closely guarded by security officers 24 hours a day.

Although townhouse housing also uses a one gate system like a cluster house, the townhouse system is present in Indonesia to provide exclusive housing in the middle of the city to meet the needs of expatriates and elites.

4. The number of housing units in the cluster and townhouse system

The difference between cluster houses and townhouses can then be found in the number of housing units in one housing complex. Cluster house complexes usually have a fairly large complex area with the number of units that can reach hundreds of cluster houses.

Whereas in housing with the townhouse concept, you may only find dozens to dozens of housing units in one complex. It is much less complex than a cluster house because of the exclusive concept that is the principle and the selling value of the townhouse housing.

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5. More exclusive facilities in townhouses

Both cluster house complexes or town houses, both are equipped with various facilities to support the activities of its residents, ranging from sports facilities such as swimming pools, basketball courts and jogging tracks to green open spaces such as parks or even artificial lakes.

However, in cluster houses, the facilities are scattered in a more limited number of housing complexes. In townhouse housing, the facilities available specifically for residents tend to be more complete and can all be enjoyed in the same complex.

Those are the basic differences between cluster houses and townhouses. Each type of housing certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages that need to be your consideration in choosing the most appropriate housing according to your needs. So, what type of housing do you think best suits your dream home? Cluster house or townhouse?

Questions to Ask the Property Agent

Questions to Ask the Property Agent

Questions to Ask the Property Agent – In buying a house you definitely want to know about the house, to find out this you have to ask some important questions to the property agent.  Important questions that you should ask a home owner before buying are:

1. Why is the house for sale?

These are important questions that can provide you with information to determine the bid price in accordance with the conditions of the house for sale and determine how much the seller needs to immediately release the house.

2. How much is the maintenance cost for the house for sale?

This question is asked so that the costs that must be spent routinely are reflected. For example, the amount of Land and Building Tax (PBB), average electricity bill, PAM bill, cleaning fee and environmental safety.

3. What is the problem of building a house for sale?

You need to know all the problems inherent in the building, whether they have or are currently happening. This is important so that you can estimate the actions and costs that will need to be taken to anticipate them. For example, if there is a leak in the underground water pipe and the water pump turns on automatically, the electricity bill is expensive. In other cases, there may also be frames and partitions that have been eaten by termites, broken tiles, damp walls, and so on.

4. What events have happened in the house for sale?

This question is asked to find out problems or events that have happened in the house before. For example, there has been a death in that house or maybe this house has certain values ​​so that it deserves appreciation (for example the house of a former official or a house belonging to a national hero, etc.).

5. What are the infrastructure facilities at the house location?

Information on the availability of school facilities, markets, supermarkets, and adequate road widths in good neighborhoods will be an additional point. Apart from that you can also do your own survey. The better and more complete the existing facilities, the more valuable the house is for sale. You can also immediately estimate the amount of funds that will go out to buy the house.

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6. What is the status of the house?

Don’t forget to ask the seller about the status of the house for sale. Avoid falling in love with a house that has problems in ownership, aka in dispute. In addition to the complicated business of buying and selling, buying a house for sale like this is a high risk. It’s good to find out properly and do a cross check before paying. It is better to wait for clear and complete information before making the agreement, than to regret it later.

Other Things to Consider

Secondary homes can be a very profitable investment. When reviewing homes for sale that you are interested in, consider really a few things below:

Is the house for sale more suitable for living or as an investment?

Is the layout of the house for sale suitable? Can it be changed?

What is the condition of the home environment, is it safe and comfortable to live in?

How is the water quality in the house for sale?

How much power is there in the house?

Is there a place to store things?

Is there any furniture or building elements that need repair?

How is the condition of the roof of the house?

Will it have to do a major renovation?

Does the area of ​​the page match what is needed?

Is the bathroom enough for the family?

Are housing prices affordable?

The Advantages of The Second House Compared to New House

The Advantages of The Second House Compared to New House

The Advantages of The Second House Compared to New House – Did you know that in buying a house there are many advantages and disadvantages. in buying an old house there are more advantages than buying a new house.

Buying a second home, especially a house for sale in a crisis like this, offers many advantages. Here are some of the advantages of investing in a second home and things to consider before buying.

The house building is finished

The houses for sale on the secondary market are already established, so you can see the shape and quality of the houses for sale. The shape and quality of the house certainly affects the selling price of the house.

On the other hand, when you buy a new house, you can only see the shape of the house for sale based on the picture from the brochure created by the developer.

The house is ready to live in

Usually, second-hand houses are sold in a ready-to-live condition, or at least livable. In contrast to the houses for sale by developers, who generally pivot, aka houses for sale before they were built.

Home Environmental Conditions Already Alive

Unlike the new house, the second house for sale by the owner usually has a ready-made environment and supporting facilities, such as having neighbors, social control, security systems, educational facilities, health facilities, places of worship, and other facilities. In addition, infrastructure for housing areas, such as roads, parks, electricity and water are already running.

In contrast, the houses for sale by developers in the primary market generally do not yet have a living social environment, facilities and infrastructure. Thus, residents need longer time to adapt because the social system has not been running normally. Making the home environment come alive takes a long time, unless the house is in an old housing development project.

House Prices Are More Slanted

Buying the owner’s house for sale on the secondary market certainly allows you as a potential buyer to have room to negotiate. Unlike the house for sale by the developer, which has a benchmark price and discounts of a certain amount.

Usually when the house is sold, the owner (seller) has set the ceiling price and floor price. The meaning of ceiling price is the highest selling price offered by the seller. While the floor price is the benchmark for the lowest price at which a house can be sold, of course this price is not disclosed to the buyer.

So, as a buyer, you must be observant about the condition of the home seller. Especially during a pandemic and crisis, which is a buyer’s market, where the buyer is king. Situations like this often require that the house be sold cheaply by the owner because they need money.

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The House Is Ready To Be An Investment

A house that is ready to live in can also mean that the house is ready to be rented out or the house is resold after being renovated. If the house is near campus, mall (shopping center), or office, you can rent the house. If the house is large enough, you can make it a boarding house (boarding house). For boarding houses, of course you have to prepare special management.

On the other hand, some second-hand home investors are looking for homes to be sold through auctions conducted by the mortgage lending banks. Houses sold through the auction channel are houses whose owners cannot pay mortgage installments to the bank (bad credit). These houses are usually sold in good condition and the prices are low. So with a little renovation, the house can be sold at a lucrative capital gain.

Smaller Investment Risk

A living home environment with all the amenities allows you to measure the investment risk when the house is sold or offered by the owner. Usually, houses that are in the finished area have a lower investment risk than houses for sale in the primary market.

Secondary houses have a history of escalating increases in selling prices (capital gains) and rental yields that can be used as a reference for you in investing.

Wall Background Ideas for Photo Spots

Wall Background Ideas for Photo Spots

Wall Background Ideas for Photo Spots – At this time, many residents of the house want their home to be a place for good photos. because of this many times people want to make separate spot photos at their homes.

Background walls can effectively build a certain impression in the room. What’s more, with the large variety of colors and patterns that give rise to various expressions, wall backgrounds are increasingly popular to be used to create Instagrammable interior and exterior spots.

With the abundance of wall background choices, you must be confused about what kind of wall background choice is suitable for your home. Come on, take a peek at some of these wall background ideas!

1. Dynamic background with play of colors

A solid wash of paint can easily liven up a space. Pastel background walls are very popular because they present a sweet impression that spoils the eye.

Create a dynamic impression on the wall background display with various wall decorations such as art work, posters, or a series of photo frames. Install wall decorations in the right composition so that the wall background appears balanced.

2. The walls are exposed

In addition to pastel feminine nuances, the industrial-style corner of the room is enough to steal the attention to take pictures. The masculine impression that emerges from the industrial style can be obtained through the wall background with the exposed wall concept. The wall background is left to appear as is and not covered with paint or wallpaper.

You can display an exposed wall background from a red brick arrangement or a cement wall that is polished with a rough finish. The presence of several other industrial elements, iron pipes and wire chandeliers can also strengthen the concept that you want to carry on the background wall.

3. Attractive wallpapers

The use of wallpaper as an accent on the wall background is in line with the more expressive character of modern society. In use, wallpaper does not need to be applied to all parts of the room walls.

Present an attractive photo spot by utilizing one side of the wall, like in this family room. Apart from the background walls, metal framed mirrors and console tables also complement the excitement of this photo spot.

The bedroom should be the most comfortable place for expression. Wall background with wallpaper can be applied to present a certain theme, especially for children’s bedrooms. Not only unique to be a photo spot, this tropical forest themed wall background can also hone your little one’s imagination when applied to a child’s bedroom.

4. Parquet walls

Apart from parquet floors, there are also parquet walls. This parquet background wall clearly presents a different expression. It is as if the eyes are truly spoiled with a harmonious blend of natural and warmth that is displayed on this wall background.

Apart from parquet, several options that you can choose from are wall backgrounds with wooden panels or planks installed. No need to worry, the results will not be much different from parquet walls.

5. The background is full of motives

Minimalist and Scandinavian concepts are increasingly dominating the interior design. Not many dare to apply the interior arrangement that contradicts these two concepts.

This wall background displays a maximalist impression with a complete blend of patterns. Not only across different cultures, this wall background also transcends different time periods. Starting from prehistoric entik, boho, traditional motifs to modern motifs, namely animal print.

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6. Featured walls

The featured wall background displays a unique profile cut. The features used can be wood lattices, wood profiles that display a three-dimensional effect, or thinly cut wood panels. The wood used can also be solid wood or processed wood, but make sure it is resistant to termites or insect attacks.

The presence of a featured wall background can create a different sensation to the room. Polishing it with a unique painting technique can also bring new energy and influence the mood of the owner.

Make sure the wall background you choose matches the photo spot concept you want to display. You need to know, the choice of wall background can also reflect your taste and personality, you know. So, don’t make the wrong choice, huh. Happy expression!

Home Paint Color Choice Ideas are Not Boring

Home Paint Color Choice Ideas are Not Boring

Home Paint Color Choice Ideas are Not Boring – The choice of wall paint is the most important thing in house construction, choosing the right paint makes the house look more neat and attractive.

Well, for those of you who are still confused about choosing a good house paint color for a home, here Kania has prepared a good house paint color inspiration for you. Come on, just take a peek below!

Dark Blue House Paint Color with White Alloy

Here are some great house paint colors of all time, dark blue or navy paired with white. One of the blue colors that many professional home designers recommend is Grecian Blues. This nice house paint color combination is synonymous with Ancient Greek style which is calm but still stylish.

You can also choose another blue color as a nice house paint color. This is because blue represents a calm, free, and open tone. Don’t forget to also adjust your home furniture, such as display racks and tables, to decorations, such as window blinds with this nice house paint color, huh!

Neutral Gray House Paint Color

Shades of ash have been very often applied to the interior and exterior of the house. This nice and neutral house paint color is perfect for any home style you choose, from minimalist home designs to classic home designs. Shades of ash in this nice house paint color are considered ideal because they have a balance between classic black and white colors.

As the color of the inner house paint, this ash color also has a calming and warm effect if applied correctly. For tips on using good house paint colors, choose a light gray color for a more homey home impression. However, you can also use a dark gray color for a more dramatic and aesthetic visual impression.

Red Brick or Coral House Paint Color

For those of you who don’t like pink or bright red, try using this nice house paint color. The brick red color or commonly known as coral has a soft feel. This nice house paint color looks very unique and more elegant.

Tips for using good house paint colors can be overcome by using calmer decorations, such as wall hangings and white plant pots. Also, balance these great paint colors by featuring furniture in neutral colors, like beige or gray. You can also add a touch of contrasting color for accents that make the atmosphere more lively.

Olive or Olive Home Paint Color

The combination of a nice olive house paint color with wood elements makes this living room very warm and natural. In addition, this nice house paint color also looks very calm, creating a calm atmosphere. The large glass windows and hanging fans in this room make it look very aesthetic.

Olive green color has a close relationship with natural elements. Thus, a room that uses a nice house paint color will make residents very comfortable and feel at home for long. You can also combine these nice house paint colors with contrasting and bright colored decorations or furniture so that they are not monotonous.

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Cream House Paint Color

One more house paint color that is good and the most favorite is cream. This neutral color is not a new color and has no doubt in the interior and exterior world. This good house paint color is often chosen because it provides a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere.

This good creamy house paint color is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be complicated with the appearance of the walls. Align furniture and furniture with this nice house paint color so as not to spoil its charming appearance.

In addition to paying attention to good house paint colors, you also have to pay attention to the quality of the house paint you choose, huh! Of the five inspirations above, which house paint color is your favorite? Good luck!

Inspiration for the Concept of a Minimalist Wooden Fence

Inspiration for the Concept of a Minimalist Wooden Fence

Inspiration for the Concept of a Minimalist Wooden Fence – Minimalist fences are often used as decorations that are liked by many residents of a house. with a minimalist fence can beautify the appearance of the house.

The reason is, a minimalist wooden fence design can create a more natural impression on a residence so that both residents and people who pass by the house will definitely be amazed. Well, for those of you who are interested in using it, below Kania has prepared a minimalist wooden fence design idea that can make your house look even more natural. What are you curious about? Just take a peek one by one below, let’s go!

1. White minimalist wooden fence in rural style

Like a house in the country? Relax, if you have a green garden in front of the house, you can really present a minimalist wooden fence in a rustic style, like the inspiration above. The combination of white on a minimalist wooden fence with green from the fresh grass will make your house feel like it is in a real village.

To maintain its minimalist impression, choose a wooden fence that is thin, but still strong. However, if you want to use this minimalist wooden fence design, make sure that your home environment is safe, yes, because this fence model is short so it is very easy to walk over.

2. Simple Minimalist Wooden Fence

Next, there is a simple minimalist wooden fence design. The size is not too high, but also not too short so it is suitable for any shelter. In addition, thanks to the wood material that has a slight pattern, the natural impression is even more pronounced, especially under this minimalist wooden fence there are also various beautiful green plants. Thus, the house will be healthier and you will feel at home and be happy at all times.

3. Versatile Minimalist Wooden Fence

Not only home furniture can be multifunctional, there are also minimalist wooden fences with versatile designs, you know! For example, a minimalist wooden fence that can be used as a flower shelf at the same time. So, you don’t need special land for your hobby of planting.

Besides being functional and space-saving, this minimalist wooden fence design will also add beauty to your home. In fact, you can also make your own minimalist wooden fence design on this one. You only do this by attaching a few baskets or hollow crates from the same wooden planks to the fence. Really creative, huh?

4. Luxury Minimalist Wooden Fence

Have a house with a luxurious concept? Maybe this minimalist wooden fence design can be your inspiration. Actually, the model is ordinary, but the wooden arrangement of different sizes has succeeded in making this minimalist wooden fence look elegant.

The color of the wood resembles a brick red color, creating a luxurious impression of its own. Do not forget, the presence of various types of ornamental plants and additional metal house numbers also make this minimalist wooden fence more aesthetic and unique.

5. Modern Minimalist Wooden Fence

Well, if this minimalist wooden fence design is perfect for a modern minimalist home. The model consists of a series of wood front and back which are arranged alternately or alternately so that it looks very attractive.

On the inside of a minimalist wooden fence, there are rows of green plants planted in a concrete place. Besides that, there is also a long chair that you can use to relax or have me time in the afternoon. Wow, really fun, huh?

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6. Unique Minimalist Wooden Fence

The last minimalist wooden fence comes with a very unique design, where the surface of the fence consists of large and small wooden planks arranged vertically and irregularly. In addition, the distance between each board that forms this minimalist wooden fence also creates the illusion of a wider garden.

On the inside of a minimalist wooden fence, you can plant garden grass, such as Japanese grass or mini elephant grass so that your home will be more natural and beautiful. If you want to put a table and patio chairs to hang out with your family, that’s fine too.

You can adjust all of the minimalist wooden fence design ideas above to your taste and also the concept of your house as a whole. So, after seeing Kania’s inspiration earlier, which minimalist wooden fence design do you choose?

Home Garden Concept Inspiration

Home Garden Concept Inspiration

Home Garden Concept Inspiration – The garden is one of the assessments of a buyer in choosing a house, in making the garden must choose a strategic place and making an attractive garden. The following are garden concept ideas that you can apply in making your dream home.

Basically, there are many styles of home gardens and people often get confused in choosing the most appropriate garden concept for their home. In Indonesia alone, there are at least six favorite garden concepts that are commonly applied to homes. What are you curious about? Come on, just take a look at Kania’s review below!

1. Minimalist Garden Concept

The concept of the first home garden that is most widely applied to housing is a minimalist garden. It doesn’t matter if your home garden land is limited because this garden concept comes with a very simple design without many ornaments.

Usually, plants or trees in a minimalist garden concept are neatly arranged, even some plants are grouped in a space that has been provided. In addition, to accentuate the minimalist impression, the usual concept of this garden is not completely covered with grass, but there is a combination of stones or a minimalist path around it.

2. Dry Garden Concept

You don’t have much time to care for plants in your home garden? If so, choose a dry garden concept. Plants grown in this garden are types of plants that do not require a lot of care and water, such as cacti, succulents, cyclox, and Paris lilies.

In addition, usually dry gardens are also dominated by rocks. Due to its dry nature, the concept of this garden is often used as an alternative to an indoor garden. Instead of looking dry, this dry garden appears very aesthetically pleasing.

3. Modern Garden Concept

Not much different from a minimalist garden, the modern garden concept also has a minimal ornamental design. It’s just that this park usually comes with a more contemporary style and has been modified with sophisticated technology, such as the inspiration above.

In this modern garden concept, there is a mini waterfall that falls directly into a small, elongated pool. Above the pond, there is also a wooden bridge that connects the garden area to one another. Generally, the plants grown in modern gardens are those that don’t have many flowers.

4. Japanese garden concept

Many houses in Indonesia adopt the garden concept from Japan. This is because the Japanese garden style makes use of natural elements that are so thick that it is believed to provide a maximum calming effect.

Japanese elements commonly present in this garden concept are bonsai plants, rocks, wood materials, and warm light. In addition, there is usually a koi fish pond as a complement. In general, the color composition produced by the Japanese garden concept is natural colors, such as green, brown and gray.

5. The concept of a Mediterranean garden

The most prominent characteristic of the garden which carries the Mediterranean concept is that it is dominated by elements of bright earth colors, such as beige, coral and terracotta. These colors are usually present on the ground surface and walls around the garden.

In addition, generally Mediterranean gardens are also equipped with white stones and are surrounded by beautiful flowers of various colors, ranging from red, pink, white, to purple. You can add some garden chairs with matching colors.

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6. Classic Garden Concept

Well, as the name implies, this garden concept is perfect for those of you who apply classic home designs. The hallmark of this park is the use of ancient ornaments, such as fountains, statues, and classic wooden chairs. In fact, in a house that is quite large in size, there is usually a mini labyrinth.

Plants in this garden concept are usually more numerous and varied than other garden concepts. Not to forget, the use of wall lamps like the model above can also add a high-value classic impression.

After seeing the six garden concepts above, do you now know which garden style is most suitable for your home? Or maybe you have an idea to combine some of the garden concepts above? Hopefully this review from Kania can be an inspiration for you!

Attractive Home Exterior Ideas

Attractive Home Exterior Ideas

Attractive Home Exterior Ideas – The exterior is important, because in the view of Indonesians the beauty of one’s home is judged by its exterior beauty. The following are exterior ideas that can be imitated so that your dream home becomes the best home.

The reason many people don’t want to use black paint for the exterior of the house may be because it is considered too dark, boring, and mystical. Eits .. but make no mistake, black color can actually give a unique and elegant impression to your home, you know! Still don’t believe it? Come on, take a peek at the attractive black house exterior inspiration from Kania below!

1. Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Black Color

First, there is a modern minimalist house that uses black paint. However, the porch of this house does not use black, but the natural brown color of the wood it uses. This aims to keep the appearance of the house attractive.

Now, to complete the modern impression, you can add a box-shaped pattern that stands out on the black house facade. Very unique, huh?

2. Simple Black House Exterior

Thanks to its neutral colors, black paint applications tend to be suitable for any house model, including this simple and large triangular roofed house. Unmitigated, the exterior of this house is completely covered in black, starting from the building facades, roofs, chimneys, to doors and windows.

This black house is surrounded by green trees, making it stand out even more. If you are afraid that the exterior of the house looks monotonous, just add some ornaments with bright colors around it, such as various decorative flowers, wall lamps, house numbers, or long chairs.

3. Black on the exterior of an open house

Apart from the fact that the house model is different from others, the application of black color to the exterior of this house also enhances its uniqueness, you know! Just imagine if the exterior of the house is not black, but white or cream. Looks normal, right?

The combination of black and brown from wood materials also makes this house look more contrasting and attractive. Now, because the open area in this house is dominated by brown, you can balance it by using various black furniture and decorations, from patio chairs, hanging lampshades, to house window frames.

4. Black color on the exterior of the house level

Furthermore, there is a terraced house model that uses black on the exterior. Actually, the design of this house is ordinary, but thanks to the black paint that covers it, the front of the house looks more elegant.

To make it look more lively, you can combine black with a touch of white at several strategic points, such as on the windows, doors and terraces of the house. Don’t forget to also add some lighting so that the exterior of this black level house still looks charming at night.

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5. Black color on the exterior of a minimalist house

A minimalist house with a box shape is also suitable for using black paint, you know! Instead of looking scary and boring, the black color on the exterior of this minimalist house actually makes it look magnificent and unique. Moreover, the buildings around the house are white, so the black exterior is more attractive. Not to forget, the combination of brown from the furniture, gray from the stones on the terrace, and the green color from the garden grass and various plants also balance the color composition on the exterior of this house.

How, now it is proven, if black can create a unique and elegant impression on the exterior of a house? However, applying black to the exterior of the house does not mean that the interior must also use black, huh! You can still apply other colors to the inside of your house so that the room looks spacious. Are you ready to change the exterior of your house to black?