Benefits of Secondary Skin on Building Structures

Benefits of Secondary Skin on Building Structures – Maybe for all of you who are not experts on building structures, it is strange to hear secondary skin. But did you know that secondary skin is very important in constructing building structures. Secondary skin is to protect the house from exposure to the scorching sun.

Protects Home from Weather Changes

Secondary skin is specially designed to protect the house against certain weather, such as scorching heat, heavy rain, and strong winds. When sunlight appears, the secondary skin will become protective, where not all light will enter directly because it is blocked by the secondary skin’s lattice. Thus, your home will be more calm without removing natural rays at all.

Likewise, when there is rain accompanied by strong winds, the presence of secondary skin makes it more difficult for dust, dirt and rainwater to enter the house. Thus, your home will definitely be cleaner and healthier.

Reducing Heat in Residential

So, thanks to its ability to block sunlight from entering the house, secondary skin can reduce the heat brought by natural light. In addition, if you use a secondary skin without any windows on the inside, you can also feel the fresh breeze in the afternoon that comes through the gaps or grids of the secondary skin. Thus, your home will feel cool at all times.

Increase Privacy

Today, there are many houses that carry an open concept, where there are large glass windows so that the inside of the house is clearly exposed. This does have its own purpose, such as to make the house look more aesthetic or to make the inside of the house feel more spacious. However, at certain times, you definitely need privacy, right?

As a solution, you don’t need to replace the window with a wall, but just use a secondary skin. The gaps that are usually found on the surface of the secondary skin allow you to have an open dwelling with more privacy.

Not only that, in this growing era, there are secondary skins that use technology assistance. So, just like windows, this sophisticated secondary skin model can be opened and closed so that anytime you need privacy, you only need to close it.

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Adding to the Aesthetics of Home Buildings

In addition to its main functions, secondary skin also has a decorative function  hat is able to attract the facades of houses. Secondary skin models or designs themselves vary widely, such as minimalist, modern, or contemporary models. In addition, the materials used to make secondary skin also vary, ranging from iron, wood, bamboo, and some even make them from used glass bottles, you know!

Visually, a house that uses a secondary skin will look more luxurious and aesthetic. Now, because secondary skin can affect the appearance of your home, either directly or indirectly, you should choose a secondary skin model that suits your home concept, huh!

Vines Media

One more added value from secondary skin, which is that it can be a means to plant vines that can create a natural and unique impression on your home. As we all know that the exterior of the house can reflect the personality or preferences of the occupants. Therefore, secondary skin is perfect for those of you who want to express your hobby of farming. The types of vines that you can use on secondary skin include Lee Kwan Yew and Vernonia Elliptica.