Minimalist House Fence Design

Minimalist House Fence Design – Almost every house must have a fence that is designed as good and beautiful as possible to look at. An ordinary fence serves to protect the house from the many people passing by on the highway or the street in front of the house. The minimalist gate model has a simple impression, but is still tough and beautiful.

So that you have a shadow, first take a peek at the following minimalist gate models!

Minimalist House Fence Design

Minimalist gate made of wood with a combination of cement

First of all, there is a minimalist gate model made using natural wood for a warmer home look. On the door leaf, there is a simple square-shaped handle.

This minimalist gate is combined with cement material to protect the door area from exposure to rain and sunlight. To match the door, leave the cement exposed. Add vines too to make it look beautiful.

Natural look with guaranteed safety

This minimalist gate also uses wood material. The vertical line pattern makes the door area look taller. At first glance, it looks like a cube. That way, you can unlock the door comfortably when it’s raining or hot.
On the right and left sides of this minimalist gate, there are stacked natural stone walls. Without the addition of a framework, the stones are neatly pasted, filling the fence wall. If you want the exterior of the house to look natural, this is the right model.

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Minimalist turnstile from copper

Want to have a minimalist gate that is elegant, but not too flashy? If so, consider copper as the material for the gate.
The natural color of copper will sparkle when exposed to sunlight. To make it look more slick, make a pattern of lines and boxes like this. This minimalist gate pattern allows you to easily open the lock from the outside, but make sure you have installed an alarm lock and CCTV camera so you don’t become a target for thieves.

Privacy is maintained with ice glass

Glass material is also commonly used for minimalist gates. It looks simple and creates an airy impression. However, the use of glass often reduces the privacy of homeowners. The solution is to use ice glass. This type of glass is slightly opaque. Privacy is maintained, but sunlight can penetrate.

If you want to use it as an accent, you can. Just combine the glass material with wood or iron on a minimalist fence door. Choose a quality glass so it is not easily broken.

Minimalist Home Exterior Design

Minimalist Home Exterior Design – For some people who have just built a house, they definitely want a house design that is very attractive and even nice to look at. But all is not that easy, there are many things to do.

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in houses with simple but charming exterior designs. The design chosen is minimalist, but with the use of the right materials and an attractive style, the residence looks modern. Here are some design references that can be used as cheats as inspiration for building a house.

Minimalist Home Exterior Design

1. Jenga’s House

Maybe some of you have never thought of combining black and white on the exterior of the house. After seeing the design of the house above, you will definitely think again.

The two plain colors look perfect thanks to the chosen design, right? This house adapts the concept of the game jenga.

At first glance, this residence also looks like a container house that is stacked in such a way. So that the house looks more alive and natural, use natural stones in the surrounding yard.

2. Double Layer Roof

The simple exterior design of the house often raises concerns if the dwelling looks plain.

Don’t worry, you can juggle a house with such a face using a double layer roof. The unconventional shape and the presence of hanging plants around it will make the house look beautiful.

3. Houses with inspiration to build houses

Home exterior design innovations like this will definitely be interesting to apply.
The face of the transparent glass material does make the house visible from the outside.

However, the presence of a cover whose facade can open and close makes the house more private.

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4. Relax Area

Showing off the outdoor relaxing area of ​​the house will also be an attractive display. Make the spot look comfortable by making a place to relax there.

You can also make a roof that can be rolled up or folded to add to its uniqueness.

5. Tall House Building

The exterior design of the residence above looks like a multi-storey public building. The use of dark colored natural stone which is juxtaposed with large glass, makes the house look so contemporary. The modern design was chosen to be combined with the appearance of a rocky garden that is so perfect.

Inspiration Exterior Design of Boarding and Rented House

Inspiration Exterior Design of Boarding and Rented House – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, here are the Inspiration for exterior and boarding houses.

Boarding houses, economical lodging, and micro apartments are now in great demand. Given the increasingly limited land, which is offset by the price that is also increasing. For this reason, solutions to build efficient housing are an option.

Including boarding houses or micro apartments that target young employees and students. For those of you who are interested in business, please take a look at some of the following inspiration for the exterior design of the modern boarding house.

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Inspiration Exterior Design of Boarding and Rented House

1. Exclusive boarding house complete with a large parking area

One of the buildings in Mexico is designed to be suitable for an apartment or boarding house, made with a flat roof and each room is provided with windows that are sufficient for air circulation and a balcony for a clothesline or private hangout for residents. Moreover, there is already a large parking area and a strong fence, which certainly attracts the interest of hunters for boarding houses or temporary housing.

2. Fit for buildings on the corner of the road

For land on a street corner, you can use the elbow to make a balcony. Please differentiate the price of a room with a balcony from those without a balcony. The design is aesthetic and functional, especially the access part which is made as safe as possible with the garage garage-style fence. Parking and entrances closed securely.

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3. It’s okay to rent it out, just for a few residents who need private space

One of the buildings in Spain is deliberately made for rent per floor. It is quite spacious, one floor can be occupied by one family or one household, aka several people. Can be exemplified for those who are interested in building a modern apartment or rent.

4. Humble apartment which is modern and environmentally friendly, this is another hit

This building is also suitable for boarding houses or apartments, even hotels. The design is very contemporary with enough windows to provide natural lighting and improve air circulation. Can save electricity in this way. The bottom floor can be used as a motorbike garage and can be rented for shops.

5. Minimalist and efficient cubicle building design

Even though the land is limited, nothing can stop you from starting a boarding house business. Please rent two to three rooms on the second floor for students or employees who need temporary housing. The first floor is for the owner or boarder plus common spaces such as the kitchen and living room.

Attractive Home Front Design

Attractive Home Front Design

Attractive Home Front Design – Maybe you’ve read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, along with an attractive home front design.

Everyone who wants to build a house often has difficulty choosing an exterior design. In fact, this is very natural because the design of the house on the front or the exterior is the first part seen by people who pass in front of it, so you must be able to choose the best home design possible. Through the front view of the house design will also be reflected in how the interior and the character of the occupants.

Modern Minimalist Home Design
The front design of the house in the modern minimalist style is always the prima donna because there is an impression of luxury in its simplicity without many ornaments. In the house design inspiration above, the building is dominated by high-quality iron and glass materials so that it remains strong and supportive. The use of clear glass has also succeeded in making the house look wider and more attractive.

The roof model used to perfect the design of the house in front of this is a flat roof which is indeed a characteristic of modern minimalist housing. On the outside of this house, there is a minimalist pool on which is equipped with a bridge with iron railings. Do not forget, there is also a secondary variation of the horizontal striped skin which is also made of iron at the top of the house design.

Home Design Front View with Natural Stone
Natural stone never fails to create a natural impression in a home. You don’t need to apply to all parts of the house, just one side or a certain part, like this example of a house design in front of you. At the front of the house, there are supporting walls and other variations of walls made of natural stone with bright colors. The natural stone wall materials that you can use include andesite, granite, or palimanan.

The front view of the house design uses dim lighting which makes the atmosphere full of warmth and more homey. To enhance the natural impression of this front view house design, you can add a variety of green plants. Thus, your home will be more beautiful.

Stacked Front View House Design
Furthermore, there is a house design that looks very unique because it looks as if it consists of four different buildings stacked on top of each other. In fact, the building of this house is one unit. The front view of the house design adopts a simple house with a sloping roof on both sides. However, there are three simple houses with different sizes in one building.

The front design of the house is covered in pure white and almost all over the front surface there are minimalist windows framed by a black frame. In fact, the entrance door is made of glass, so the front design of the house looks very aesthetic.

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Home Design Modern Traditional Front
Combining traditional house concepts with modern designs, why not? You can still have a house with a contemporary style without leaving traditional elements. The proof, is in the design of this very charming front house.

The modern design can be seen in the open and separate building model. In addition, the tilted upper part of the building and the large number of glass window openings also support the modern impression of the house’s front design. Meanwhile, the traditional design is located on the roof using wood material and a rustic style window frame.

Reasons to Choose a Wooden House

Reasons to Choose a Wooden House

Reasons to Choose a Wooden House – After going through several stages of the screening process, finally we are able to perfect the article that we have collected with data from reliable sources regarding the reasons you should choose a wooden house.

Wooden houses are probably a common sight if you are reading a magazine or taking a trip to the countryside. But don’t be surprised if you see that the trend of wooden houses has started to skyrocket recently. Wood, which in fact is one of the basic materials for building this house, is indeed in demand again. Therefore, Kania would like to invite all of you to thoroughly explore all the ins and outs of wooden houses. Come on, let’s renovate the wooden house together.

What is a wooden house?

As the name implies, a wooden house is a house built using wood. Wooden houses always have a unique impression and elegant character compared to houses with other materials. In addition, wooden houses are also classified as not cheap because wood is becoming scarce and the price is high on the market. Today, many wooden houses are also built using other material elements such as glass, concrete or other building materials.

Modern wooden houses also do not only take designs like houses in the countryside. With the right techniques and designs, wooden houses can also look modern, minimalist, to an urban style that is suitable for today’s society. Due to the elegant and quality wood materials, no doubt the wooden house always exudes a warm, natural and comfortable style all the time.

If you examine why the trend of this wooden house is resurgent, of course this is inseparable from the personal tastes and preferences of each home owner. Many individuals want their home to look more unique and stand out than the brick wall houses in their neighborhood. There are also those who consider the concept of a wooden house to be the most ideal residence in getting comfortable in the middle of a city full of hustle and bustle.

Whatever the reason, the trend of modern wooden houses is indeed beautiful and deserves attention. Kania is sure, most of you would agree that modern wooden houses are really attractive and stylish, right?

The wooden house is inseparable from the pros and cons because of the main material. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden houses?

Advantages of Wooden Houses

Energy saving
Wood is a natural insulating material and is a very effective material in preventing heat transfer. This means that a wooden house will save a lot of energy when compared to a house made of stone, concrete or brick. Apart from being a good temperature insulator, wooden houses also do an excellent job at absorbing sound. As a result, a wooden house will feel warmer, calmer and suitable for relaxation.

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More economical
The construction of a wooden house must be accompanied by extra careful planning. However, building wooden houses tends to be easier and faster than houses made of other materials such as stone or concrete, which require time from arrangement to painting. Due to the fast and easy construction of wooden houses, wooden houses are more economical and cost-effective.

Environmentally friendly
It cannot be denied that wooden houses are very environmentally friendly compared to other non-natural building materials. In addition, the wooden structure also actively helps the absorption and storage of carbon dioxide in the environment around the wooden house.

Sturdy and Strong
Although they are light in weight, wooden houses have very strong resistance. A wooden house made of high quality materials will have a usability that is no less than a house made of concrete. Therefore, it is not uncommon for sports halls to use wood, including walls and wood floors as the main material. In addition, wooden houses also do not require much maintenance and can be repaired with a little manual repair.

Wall Background Ideas for Photo Spots

Wall Background Ideas for Photo Spots

Wall Background Ideas for Photo Spots – At this time, many residents of the house want their home to be a place for good photos. because of this many times people want to make separate spot photos at their homes.

Background walls can effectively build a certain impression in the room. What’s more, with the large variety of colors and patterns that give rise to various expressions, wall backgrounds are increasingly popular to be used to create Instagrammable interior and exterior spots.

With the abundance of wall background choices, you must be confused about what kind of wall background choice is suitable for your home. Come on, take a peek at some of these wall background ideas!

1. Dynamic background with play of colors

A solid wash of paint can easily liven up a space. Pastel background walls are very popular because they present a sweet impression that spoils the eye.

Create a dynamic impression on the wall background display with various wall decorations such as art work, posters, or a series of photo frames. Install wall decorations in the right composition so that the wall background appears balanced.

2. The walls are exposed

In addition to pastel feminine nuances, the industrial-style corner of the room is enough to steal the attention to take pictures. The masculine impression that emerges from the industrial style can be obtained through the wall background with the exposed wall concept. The wall background is left to appear as is and not covered with paint or wallpaper.

You can display an exposed wall background from a red brick arrangement or a cement wall that is polished with a rough finish. The presence of several other industrial elements, iron pipes and wire chandeliers can also strengthen the concept that you want to carry on the background wall.

3. Attractive wallpapers

The use of wallpaper as an accent on the wall background is in line with the more expressive character of modern society. In use, wallpaper does not need to be applied to all parts of the room walls.

Present an attractive photo spot by utilizing one side of the wall, like in this family room. Apart from the background walls, metal framed mirrors and console tables also complement the excitement of this photo spot.

The bedroom should be the most comfortable place for expression. Wall background with wallpaper can be applied to present a certain theme, especially for children’s bedrooms. Not only unique to be a photo spot, this tropical forest themed wall background can also hone your little one’s imagination when applied to a child’s bedroom.

4. Parquet walls

Apart from parquet floors, there are also parquet walls. This parquet background wall clearly presents a different expression. It is as if the eyes are truly spoiled with a harmonious blend of natural and warmth that is displayed on this wall background.

Apart from parquet, several options that you can choose from are wall backgrounds with wooden panels or planks installed. No need to worry, the results will not be much different from parquet walls.

5. The background is full of motives

Minimalist and Scandinavian concepts are increasingly dominating the interior design. Not many dare to apply the interior arrangement that contradicts these two concepts.

This wall background displays a maximalist impression with a complete blend of patterns. Not only across different cultures, this wall background also transcends different time periods. Starting from prehistoric entik, boho, traditional motifs to modern motifs, namely animal print.

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6. Featured walls

The featured wall background displays a unique profile cut. The features used can be wood lattices, wood profiles that display a three-dimensional effect, or thinly cut wood panels. The wood used can also be solid wood or processed wood, but make sure it is resistant to termites or insect attacks.

The presence of a featured wall background can create a different sensation to the room. Polishing it with a unique painting technique can also bring new energy and influence the mood of the owner.

Make sure the wall background you choose matches the photo spot concept you want to display. You need to know, the choice of wall background can also reflect your taste and personality, you know. So, don’t make the wrong choice, huh. Happy expression!

Home Paint Color Choice Ideas are Not Boring

Home Paint Color Choice Ideas are Not Boring

Home Paint Color Choice Ideas are Not Boring – The choice of wall paint is the most important thing in house construction, choosing the right paint makes the house look more neat and attractive.

Well, for those of you who are still confused about choosing a good house paint color for a home, here Kania has prepared a good house paint color inspiration for you. Come on, just take a peek below!

Dark Blue House Paint Color with White Alloy

Here are some great house paint colors of all time, dark blue or navy paired with white. One of the blue colors that many professional home designers recommend is Grecian Blues. This nice house paint color combination is synonymous with Ancient Greek style which is calm but still stylish.

You can also choose another blue color as a nice house paint color. This is because blue represents a calm, free, and open tone. Don’t forget to also adjust your home furniture, such as display racks and tables, to decorations, such as window blinds with this nice house paint color, huh!

Neutral Gray House Paint Color

Shades of ash have been very often applied to the interior and exterior of the house. This nice and neutral house paint color is perfect for any home style you choose, from minimalist home designs to classic home designs. Shades of ash in this nice house paint color are considered ideal because they have a balance between classic black and white colors.

As the color of the inner house paint, this ash color also has a calming and warm effect if applied correctly. For tips on using good house paint colors, choose a light gray color for a more homey home impression. However, you can also use a dark gray color for a more dramatic and aesthetic visual impression.

Red Brick or Coral House Paint Color

For those of you who don’t like pink or bright red, try using this nice house paint color. The brick red color or commonly known as coral has a soft feel. This nice house paint color looks very unique and more elegant.

Tips for using good house paint colors can be overcome by using calmer decorations, such as wall hangings and white plant pots. Also, balance these great paint colors by featuring furniture in neutral colors, like beige or gray. You can also add a touch of contrasting color for accents that make the atmosphere more lively.

Olive or Olive Home Paint Color

The combination of a nice olive house paint color with wood elements makes this living room very warm and natural. In addition, this nice house paint color also looks very calm, creating a calm atmosphere. The large glass windows and hanging fans in this room make it look very aesthetic.

Olive green color has a close relationship with natural elements. Thus, a room that uses a nice house paint color will make residents very comfortable and feel at home for long. You can also combine these nice house paint colors with contrasting and bright colored decorations or furniture so that they are not monotonous.

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Cream House Paint Color

One more house paint color that is good and the most favorite is cream. This neutral color is not a new color and has no doubt in the interior and exterior world. This good house paint color is often chosen because it provides a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere.

This good creamy house paint color is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be complicated with the appearance of the walls. Align furniture and furniture with this nice house paint color so as not to spoil its charming appearance.

In addition to paying attention to good house paint colors, you also have to pay attention to the quality of the house paint you choose, huh! Of the five inspirations above, which house paint color is your favorite? Good luck!

Inspiration for the Concept of a Minimalist Wooden Fence

Inspiration for the Concept of a Minimalist Wooden Fence

Inspiration for the Concept of a Minimalist Wooden Fence – Minimalist fences are often used as decorations that are liked by many residents of a house. with a minimalist fence can beautify the appearance of the house.

The reason is, a minimalist wooden fence design can create a more natural impression on a residence so that both residents and people who pass by the house will definitely be amazed. Well, for those of you who are interested in using it, below Kania has prepared a minimalist wooden fence design idea that can make your house look even more natural. What are you curious about? Just take a peek one by one below, let’s go!

1. White minimalist wooden fence in rural style

Like a house in the country? Relax, if you have a green garden in front of the house, you can really present a minimalist wooden fence in a rustic style, like the inspiration above. The combination of white on a minimalist wooden fence with green from the fresh grass will make your house feel like it is in a real village.

To maintain its minimalist impression, choose a wooden fence that is thin, but still strong. However, if you want to use this minimalist wooden fence design, make sure that your home environment is safe, yes, because this fence model is short so it is very easy to walk over.

2. Simple Minimalist Wooden Fence

Next, there is a simple minimalist wooden fence design. The size is not too high, but also not too short so it is suitable for any shelter. In addition, thanks to the wood material that has a slight pattern, the natural impression is even more pronounced, especially under this minimalist wooden fence there are also various beautiful green plants. Thus, the house will be healthier and you will feel at home and be happy at all times.

3. Versatile Minimalist Wooden Fence

Not only home furniture can be multifunctional, there are also minimalist wooden fences with versatile designs, you know! For example, a minimalist wooden fence that can be used as a flower shelf at the same time. So, you don’t need special land for your hobby of planting.

Besides being functional and space-saving, this minimalist wooden fence design will also add beauty to your home. In fact, you can also make your own minimalist wooden fence design on this one. You only do this by attaching a few baskets or hollow crates from the same wooden planks to the fence. Really creative, huh?

4. Luxury Minimalist Wooden Fence

Have a house with a luxurious concept? Maybe this minimalist wooden fence design can be your inspiration. Actually, the model is ordinary, but the wooden arrangement of different sizes has succeeded in making this minimalist wooden fence look elegant.

The color of the wood resembles a brick red color, creating a luxurious impression of its own. Do not forget, the presence of various types of ornamental plants and additional metal house numbers also make this minimalist wooden fence more aesthetic and unique.

5. Modern Minimalist Wooden Fence

Well, if this minimalist wooden fence design is perfect for a modern minimalist home. The model consists of a series of wood front and back which are arranged alternately or alternately so that it looks very attractive.

On the inside of a minimalist wooden fence, there are rows of green plants planted in a concrete place. Besides that, there is also a long chair that you can use to relax or have me time in the afternoon. Wow, really fun, huh?

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6. Unique Minimalist Wooden Fence

The last minimalist wooden fence comes with a very unique design, where the surface of the fence consists of large and small wooden planks arranged vertically and irregularly. In addition, the distance between each board that forms this minimalist wooden fence also creates the illusion of a wider garden.

On the inside of a minimalist wooden fence, you can plant garden grass, such as Japanese grass or mini elephant grass so that your home will be more natural and beautiful. If you want to put a table and patio chairs to hang out with your family, that’s fine too.

You can adjust all of the minimalist wooden fence design ideas above to your taste and also the concept of your house as a whole. So, after seeing Kania’s inspiration earlier, which minimalist wooden fence design do you choose?

Home Garden Concept Inspiration

Home Garden Concept Inspiration

Home Garden Concept Inspiration – The garden is one of the assessments of a buyer in choosing a house, in making the garden must choose a strategic place and making an attractive garden. The following are garden concept ideas that you can apply in making your dream home.

Basically, there are many styles of home gardens and people often get confused in choosing the most appropriate garden concept for their home. In Indonesia alone, there are at least six favorite garden concepts that are commonly applied to homes. What are you curious about? Come on, just take a look at Kania’s review below!

1. Minimalist Garden Concept

The concept of the first home garden that is most widely applied to housing is a minimalist garden. It doesn’t matter if your home garden land is limited because this garden concept comes with a very simple design without many ornaments.

Usually, plants or trees in a minimalist garden concept are neatly arranged, even some plants are grouped in a space that has been provided. In addition, to accentuate the minimalist impression, the usual concept of this garden is not completely covered with grass, but there is a combination of stones or a minimalist path around it.

2. Dry Garden Concept

You don’t have much time to care for plants in your home garden? If so, choose a dry garden concept. Plants grown in this garden are types of plants that do not require a lot of care and water, such as cacti, succulents, cyclox, and Paris lilies.

In addition, usually dry gardens are also dominated by rocks. Due to its dry nature, the concept of this garden is often used as an alternative to an indoor garden. Instead of looking dry, this dry garden appears very aesthetically pleasing.

3. Modern Garden Concept

Not much different from a minimalist garden, the modern garden concept also has a minimal ornamental design. It’s just that this park usually comes with a more contemporary style and has been modified with sophisticated technology, such as the inspiration above.

In this modern garden concept, there is a mini waterfall that falls directly into a small, elongated pool. Above the pond, there is also a wooden bridge that connects the garden area to one another. Generally, the plants grown in modern gardens are those that don’t have many flowers.

4. Japanese garden concept

Many houses in Indonesia adopt the garden concept from Japan. This is because the Japanese garden style makes use of natural elements that are so thick that it is believed to provide a maximum calming effect.

Japanese elements commonly present in this garden concept are bonsai plants, rocks, wood materials, and warm light. In addition, there is usually a koi fish pond as a complement. In general, the color composition produced by the Japanese garden concept is natural colors, such as green, brown and gray.

5. The concept of a Mediterranean garden

The most prominent characteristic of the garden which carries the Mediterranean concept is that it is dominated by elements of bright earth colors, such as beige, coral and terracotta. These colors are usually present on the ground surface and walls around the garden.

In addition, generally Mediterranean gardens are also equipped with white stones and are surrounded by beautiful flowers of various colors, ranging from red, pink, white, to purple. You can add some garden chairs with matching colors.

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6. Classic Garden Concept

Well, as the name implies, this garden concept is perfect for those of you who apply classic home designs. The hallmark of this park is the use of ancient ornaments, such as fountains, statues, and classic wooden chairs. In fact, in a house that is quite large in size, there is usually a mini labyrinth.

Plants in this garden concept are usually more numerous and varied than other garden concepts. Not to forget, the use of wall lamps like the model above can also add a high-value classic impression.

After seeing the six garden concepts above, do you now know which garden style is most suitable for your home? Or maybe you have an idea to combine some of the garden concepts above? Hopefully this review from Kania can be an inspiration for you!

Attractive Home Exterior Ideas

Attractive Home Exterior Ideas

Attractive Home Exterior Ideas – The exterior is important, because in the view of Indonesians the beauty of one’s home is judged by its exterior beauty. The following are exterior ideas that can be imitated so that your dream home becomes the best home.

The reason many people don’t want to use black paint for the exterior of the house may be because it is considered too dark, boring, and mystical. Eits .. but make no mistake, black color can actually give a unique and elegant impression to your home, you know! Still don’t believe it? Come on, take a peek at the attractive black house exterior inspiration from Kania below!

1. Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Black Color

First, there is a modern minimalist house that uses black paint. However, the porch of this house does not use black, but the natural brown color of the wood it uses. This aims to keep the appearance of the house attractive.

Now, to complete the modern impression, you can add a box-shaped pattern that stands out on the black house facade. Very unique, huh?

2. Simple Black House Exterior

Thanks to its neutral colors, black paint applications tend to be suitable for any house model, including this simple and large triangular roofed house. Unmitigated, the exterior of this house is completely covered in black, starting from the building facades, roofs, chimneys, to doors and windows.

This black house is surrounded by green trees, making it stand out even more. If you are afraid that the exterior of the house looks monotonous, just add some ornaments with bright colors around it, such as various decorative flowers, wall lamps, house numbers, or long chairs.

3. Black on the exterior of an open house

Apart from the fact that the house model is different from others, the application of black color to the exterior of this house also enhances its uniqueness, you know! Just imagine if the exterior of the house is not black, but white or cream. Looks normal, right?

The combination of black and brown from wood materials also makes this house look more contrasting and attractive. Now, because the open area in this house is dominated by brown, you can balance it by using various black furniture and decorations, from patio chairs, hanging lampshades, to house window frames.

4. Black color on the exterior of the house level

Furthermore, there is a terraced house model that uses black on the exterior. Actually, the design of this house is ordinary, but thanks to the black paint that covers it, the front of the house looks more elegant.

To make it look more lively, you can combine black with a touch of white at several strategic points, such as on the windows, doors and terraces of the house. Don’t forget to also add some lighting so that the exterior of this black level house still looks charming at night.

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5. Black color on the exterior of a minimalist house

A minimalist house with a box shape is also suitable for using black paint, you know! Instead of looking scary and boring, the black color on the exterior of this minimalist house actually makes it look magnificent and unique. Moreover, the buildings around the house are white, so the black exterior is more attractive. Not to forget, the combination of brown from the furniture, gray from the stones on the terrace, and the green color from the garden grass and various plants also balance the color composition on the exterior of this house.

How, now it is proven, if black can create a unique and elegant impression on the exterior of a house? However, applying black to the exterior of the house does not mean that the interior must also use black, huh! You can still apply other colors to the inside of your house so that the room looks spacious. Are you ready to change the exterior of your house to black?