Inspiration Exterior Design of Boarding and Rented House

Inspiration Exterior Design of Boarding and Rented House – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, here are the Inspiration for exterior and boarding houses.

Boarding houses, economical lodging, and micro apartments are now in great demand. Given the increasingly limited land, which is offset by the price that is also increasing. For this reason, solutions to build efficient housing are an option.

Including boarding houses or micro apartments that target young employees and students. For those of you who are interested in business, please take a look at some of the following inspiration for the exterior design of the modern boarding house.

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Inspiration Exterior Design of Boarding and Rented House

1. Exclusive boarding house complete with a large parking area

One of the buildings in Mexico is designed to be suitable for an apartment or boarding house, made with a flat roof and each room is provided with windows that are sufficient for air circulation and a balcony for a clothesline or private hangout for residents. Moreover, there is already a large parking area and a strong fence, which certainly attracts the interest of hunters for boarding houses or temporary housing.

2. Fit for buildings on the corner of the road

For land on a street corner, you can use the elbow to make a balcony. Please differentiate the price of a room with a balcony from those without a balcony. The design is aesthetic and functional, especially the access part which is made as safe as possible with the garage garage-style fence. Parking and entrances closed securely.

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3. It’s okay to rent it out, just for a few residents who need private space

One of the buildings in Spain is deliberately made for rent per floor. It is quite spacious, one floor can be occupied by one family or one household, aka several people. Can be exemplified for those who are interested in building a modern apartment or rent.

4. Humble apartment which is modern and environmentally friendly, this is another hit

This building is also suitable for boarding houses or apartments, even hotels. The design is very contemporary with enough windows to provide natural lighting and improve air circulation. Can save electricity in this way. The bottom floor can be used as a motorbike garage and can be rented for shops.

5. Minimalist and efficient cubicle building design

Even though the land is limited, nothing can stop you from starting a boarding house business. Please rent two to three rooms on the second floor for students or employees who need temporary housing. The first floor is for the owner or boarder plus common spaces such as the kitchen and living room.