Inspiration for Elegant Wood Partition Models

Inspiration for Elegant Wood Partition Models – Wooden partitions are commonly used to insulate parts of the house, this helps to enhance the appearance of the house. The following are inspirations for wooden partitions to make them look elegant, which have been summarized from trusted sources.

In addition to its main function as a clear separation of the room, various wooden partition designs can also be decorative elements that make housing more attractive and elegant. Not only that, natural materials from wooden partitions are also able to bring a comfortable atmosphere to your home, you know! Come on, just take a peek at the wooden partition design ideas from Kania below!

1. Wooden Partitions with Open Shelf Can not be denied,

limited space makes the occupants of the house have to sacrifice some furniture that is considered not very important, for example, a display rack to display various personal collections. This of course aims so that the occupancy does not look cramped or cramped. However, now you don’t need to worry anymore because you can use a wooden partition model that doubles as an open display shelf, you know!

The shelves are arranged together between long wooden planks that make up the whole wooden partition. This wooden partition idea is designed specifically for those of you who like to display various unique decorations. Thus, housing becomes more efficient and saves space.

2. Wooden Partition with Tight Frame

Apart from separating the room, wooden partitions also serve to maintain the privacy of the residents of the house, although most wooden partitions have gaps that are easily visible. However, you can really choose a room partition with a tighter array of wood to increase your privacy.

In addition, you can also add solid wooden blocks to each gap in the wooden partition, like the inspiration above. This will make it more difficult for the eye to see in other areas. Uniquely, the wooden blocks that are inserted actually make the wooden partitions look more elegant.

3. Wooden Partition with White Carving

Partitions don’t always have to cover most of the room, even a small one is enough to mark two different areas, like the wooden partition idea above. This wooden partition design looks very luxurious thanks to the white curved carvings that dominate it. In addition, the combination of colors that match the wooden partitions with the floor, sofa beds, curtains, and TV shelves also makes the house more elegant.

4. Wooden Plaid Partition

This wooden partition consists of wooden boxes arranged irregularly. However, this wooden partition still looks charming, moreover, the wood color is also bright so that it manages to create the illusion of spacious space.

The location itself is in the middle of the room so that this wooden partition also becomes the focal point at the same time. Besides in the living room and dining room, you can also use this wooden partition design to separate the sleeping area from the work area in your room, you know!

5. Wooden Partitions with Various Photo Frames

Do you like displaying memorable paintings or photographs in your home? If so, the idea of ​​a wooden partition that separates the living room from the dining room is perfect for you because you can stick several photo frames or paintings on the surface.

This wooden partition is dark brown. So, so that the room looks more alive, use a photo frame that is brighter in color, but still neutral, such as beige or white. By displaying paintings or photographs on wooden partitions, all the guests who visit your house will definitely be amazed. Are you ready to get creative with this wooden partition idea?

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6. Wooden Partition Blends with the Cabinet

Furthermore, there is a small wooden partition whose design blends in with the functional cabinet underneath. In addition to practically storing female items, you can also place decorations, such as flower vases on the surface of the cabinet. Although not very large, the presence of this wooden partition effectively distinguishes two areas, namely the dining room and the entrance to the bedroom.

7. Multifunctional Wooden Partition

Well, the last one is a wooden partition model that is very versatile because this partition is not only a barrier between the dining room and the living room, but also functions as a display rack and an open door. The size and shape of the shelves on this wooden partition itself are very diverse so you can put a variety of favorite displays on each partition or shelf.

However, if you don’t really like displaying things, just empty the shelves on the wooden partition. Even though there are no displays, this wooden partition will still look attractive because the model is very unique.

Those are the seven wooden partition ideas that can make your home more lively and look elegant. Of all the designs above, which wooden partition do you like the most? Whatever your choice, be sure to always clean the wooden partitions regularly so they don’t get dusty and ruin its beauty, huh!