Minimalist Garage Door Concept

Minimalist Garage Door Concept – Garage is one of the important house exteriors for residents who own vehicles such as Moltor and cars. But most residents must have a vehicle to help with their daily activities.

1. Classic Garage Door Model

The first garage door model comes with a classic concept that is covered in white all the doors. Even though it has a classic style, this garage door still maintains its minimalist model through the thin bars at the very top and also the handle and door surface that are not too ornamental. The combination of the two makes the garage door even more unique.

This garage door features a two-door opening that is pushed in. The bright white color combined with the ash and brown natural stone makes this garage door stand out so that you can make it a focal point on the exterior of the house.

2. Modern Garage Door Models

In accordance with the minimalist concept, this garage door is designed to be as simple as possible with a little modern touch. Almost the entire surface of this garage door uses wood material, it’s just that the right side uses glass as a minimalist window.

You can find a modern element in this garage door from the sliding door opening model that uses the help of technology. So, you only need to press the button to the left of the door and at that moment the garage door will start to open. So cool, isn’t this garage door model?

3. Traditional Style Garage Door Models

Do you carry a traditional design in your house? If so, just use this garage door model. The size of this garage door is quite large and looks very sturdy. Meanwhile, the top shape of the garage door is deliberately curved to accentuate its traditional impression.

The materials used for this garage door are dark wood and clear glass. Not to forget, the natural stone wall material next to the garage door makes it look very stunning. So, to make it more leverage, you can also add a traditional-style lantern-shaped wall lamp.

4. Garage Door with Ice Glass

Furthermore, there is a garage door with a sliding opening model that uses frosted glass or frosted glass. Thus, vehicles parked in the garage will not be visible. This garage door model can be the best solution for those of you who want to look luxurious without exposing the inside of the garage.

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5. Garage Doors with Painting

Do you like painting or uphold works of art? You can represent this through the garage door, you know! Try painting your garage door with the concept image you want. For example, a garage door with a painting of a street scene surrounded by trees.

So, so that the impression of the picture or painting is more real, just add objects related to the picture in front of the garage door which can also be a decoration. To get a unique garage door model, you only need creativity.

6. Farmhouse Garage Door Model

The atmosphere of a country house in an urban area, why not? You can bring a rural feel to your home by using a farmhouse garage door model, like the inspiration above. The light brown color that surrounds this garage door is a natural shade of wood cut.

The sloping pattern on this garage door leaf manages to create a natural impression like in a real country. Despite the farmhouse concept, this garage door also looks minimalist because it doesn’t use door handles and other ornaments.