Minimalist Home Exterior Design

Minimalist Home Exterior Design – For some people who have just built a house, they definitely want a house design that is very attractive and even nice to look at. But all is not that easy, there are many things to do.

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in houses with simple but charming exterior designs. The design chosen is minimalist, but with the use of the right materials and an attractive style, the residence looks modern. Here are some design references that can be used as cheats as inspiration for building a house.

Minimalist Home Exterior Design

1. Jenga’s House

Maybe some of you have never thought of combining black and white on the exterior of the house. After seeing the design of the house above, you will definitely think again.

The two plain colors look perfect thanks to the chosen design, right? This house adapts the concept of the game jenga.

At first glance, this residence also looks like a container house that is stacked in such a way. So that the house looks more alive and natural, use natural stones in the surrounding yard.

2. Double Layer Roof

The simple exterior design of the house often raises concerns if the dwelling looks plain.

Don’t worry, you can juggle a house with such a face using a double layer roof. The unconventional shape and the presence of hanging plants around it will make the house look beautiful.

3. Houses with inspiration to build houses

Home exterior design innovations like this will definitely be interesting to apply.
The face of the transparent glass material does make the house visible from the outside.

However, the presence of a cover whose facade can open and close makes the house more private.

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4. Relax Area

Showing off the outdoor relaxing area of ​​the house will also be an attractive display. Make the spot look comfortable by making a place to relax there.

You can also make a roof that can be rolled up or folded to add to its uniqueness.

5. Tall House Building

The exterior design of the residence above looks like a multi-storey public building. The use of dark colored natural stone which is juxtaposed with large glass, makes the house look so contemporary. The modern design was chosen to be combined with the appearance of a rocky garden that is so perfect.