Minimalist House Fence Design

Minimalist House Fence Design – Almost every house must have a fence that is designed as good and beautiful as possible to look at. An ordinary fence serves to protect the house from the many people passing by on the highway or the street in front of the house. The minimalist gate model has a simple impression, but is still tough and beautiful.

So that you have a shadow, first take a peek at the following minimalist gate models!

Minimalist House Fence Design

Minimalist gate made of wood with a combination of cement

First of all, there is a minimalist gate model made using natural wood for a warmer home look. On the door leaf, there is a simple square-shaped handle.

This minimalist gate is combined with cement material to protect the door area from exposure to rain and sunlight. To match the door, leave the cement exposed. Add vines too to make it look beautiful.

Natural look with guaranteed safety

This minimalist gate also uses wood material. The vertical line pattern makes the door area look taller. At first glance, it looks like a cube. That way, you can unlock the door comfortably when it’s raining or hot.
On the right and left sides of this minimalist gate, there are stacked natural stone walls. Without the addition of a framework, the stones are neatly pasted, filling the fence wall. If you want the exterior of the house to look natural, this is the right model.

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Minimalist turnstile from copper

Want to have a minimalist gate that is elegant, but not too flashy? If so, consider copper as the material for the gate.
The natural color of copper will sparkle when exposed to sunlight. To make it look more slick, make a pattern of lines and boxes like this. This minimalist gate pattern allows you to easily open the lock from the outside, but make sure you have installed an alarm lock and CCTV camera so you don’t become a target for thieves.

Privacy is maintained with ice glass

Glass material is also commonly used for minimalist gates. It looks simple and creates an airy impression. However, the use of glass often reduces the privacy of homeowners. The solution is to use ice glass. This type of glass is slightly opaque. Privacy is maintained, but sunlight can penetrate.

If you want to use it as an accent, you can. Just combine the glass material with wood or iron on a minimalist fence door. Choose a quality glass so it is not easily broken.