More Profit to Buy a House or Apartment

More Profit to Buy a House or Apartment – Houses and apartments are different things that both investors and residents alike love. But what you have to know is which one is more profitable.

Considerations made based on the cost-benefit ratio when living in an apartment or landed house can be an effective guide in choosing a residence. The type of living space chosen will greatly affect the amount of monthly expenses, property investment, lifestyle and social life of the owner of the residence in the future.

Whether it’s an apartment or a house, each has its own advantages and disadvantages when viewed from multiple perspectives.


Distance can be a major consideration in determining the right type of occupancy between apartments or landed houses.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find landed houses that are located close to office areas or are in the city center. Limited land in urban areas makes developers focus on building landed houses in suburban areas.

Apartments themselves are specially built to solve the problem of lack of residential land in the city center. Therefore, if your job requires you to live close to your office location, when you have to choose between an apartment or a house, living in an apartment will be better than living in a narrow house that has more mileage.

The problem is that apartments in the city center are generally very expensive and the availability of units is limited. If the budget is insufficient when choosing between an apartment or a house, housing that is located in strategic locations, such as those directly connected to toll roads or integrated with public transportation, can be an option.

Ownership Rights

The property ownership factor is also often considered when choosing to live in an apartment or house. The reason is, when you buy a house, you will get a Certificate of Ownership (SHM) on the land and buildings you live in.

Meanwhile, the ownership rights you receive when buying an apartment are limited to Building Use Rights (HGB) which are only valid for 20 years and need to be renewed thereafter through a certain process.

Maintenance and Security

Facilities are another important factor in weighing the advantages of living in an apartment or house.

If you live in an apartment, you can indeed be accommodated with various comfortable facilities. Unit maintenance such as electricity and water installations are directly handled by the developer. The security of living in an apartment is also more guaranteed because it has a more professional security unit and a sophisticated system.

However, to obtain this convenience, apartment unit owners need to pay a monthly fee to the developer, which is quite expensive compared to the maintenance costs of living in a landed house. Living in a landed house can make the owner more independent and economical in terms of residential maintenance.

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Investment Side

A residence, be it an apartment or a house, is an investment asset for the owner. Apart from being residential, apartments are also very likely to generate more investment when leased, especially when located in strategic locations.

However, according to an expert financial planner, Eko Endarto, landed houses are the most profitable assets because land prices continue to increase significantly every year. When choosing between an apartment or a house, it is better to consider the convenience of selling a landed house, in contrast to apartments that are difficult to sell.

Living Environment

After all, living in an apartment will always be limited by various regulations so that it is not as comfortable as living at home. Likewise with the area of ​​an apartment that has been fixed, unlike a house which even though its initial area is small, it can still be expanded in size vertically or horizontally.

Even in your neighbor’s life, living in an apartment or house certainly has a difference. Because you live in close proximity, you can’t get the maximum privacy like living at home.