Healthy Home Exterior Design

Healthy Home Exterior Design

Healthy Home Exterior Design – Designing a healthy home means that you are helping your healthy lifestyle, this should be done by everyone. To build a healthy lifestyle, not only by exercising and eating nutritious healthy food.

Talking about healthy housing, there are many elements that you must pay attention to. Moreover, Indonesia is a tropical country with conditions of high humidity levels, so you have to maximize the potential of the environment and the exterior of the house so that it is always comfortable and does not affect health.

In the following, Kania will share important elements in exterior design that you can optimize in order to create a healthy home.

Sufficient Number of Openings for Smooth Air Circulation

Windows are an important exterior element because they act as an outlet for dirty air from the house which is replaced by the entry of clean air into the house. In designing a residence, ideally every room such as the living room, kitchen, and bedroom is equipped with a window so that air circulation runs smoothly.

Given that there are so many types of diseases that are easily transmitted through the air, of course, the availability of an adequate number of windows on the exterior of the house can prevent the occupants of the house from getting sick. Don’t forget, try to design your windows so that they are exposed to direct sunlight.

Optimize Circulation with a Charming Roster

In order for the air and light circulation to be more optimal, you can install a vent or rooster on the exterior of the house, such as on a facade or fence. Not only acts as an aesthetic decoration, rooster on the exterior can make a residence avoid damp and stuffy.

In order for the exterior appearance of your residence to appear charming, you can choose a rooster with a shape that is adjusted according to the exterior concept that you want to highlight. In fact, rooster walls are also available from various materials that you can choose according to your taste and budget, starting from concrete rooster, brick, clay, ceramic, wood, to GRC.

Use of Ceiling with Ideal Height

In addition to a sufficient number of openings, the ceiling must also be carefully designed because it affects air dispersion. Ideally, the ceiling on the exterior of the house is made high so that air circulation can be distributed optimally. In addition, high ceilings can block the heat from the sun so that the house remains cool and comfortable.

Use of Environmentally Friendly Materials

Not only on the exterior, the use of environmentally friendly materials applies to all elements of the house. Well, there are lots of variations of environmentally friendly materials that you can apply to the exterior of the house, such as the presence of wood in a wooden house or bricks that effectively keep out the sun’s heat, thereby minimizing the use of air conditioning.

While on other exterior parts such as roofs, avoid using asbestos materials that have the potential to cause disease problems and replace them with environmentally friendly exterior roofs with mild steel formulations that are much stronger and more environmentally safe.

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Cozy House with Green Area

In addition to making the exterior of the house look cool, the presence of plants can provide freshness for the residents of the house. There are many variations of tropical greenery that you can care for on the exterior of your home, from fan cypresses, morning glories, deer antlers, to flower plants like frangipani and hibiscus flowers.

If the exterior area of ​​your residence is narrow, you can also make a vertical garden on the wall, and keep a mini pot filled with cacti which besides being beautiful also acts as a natural bacterial repellent. However, no matter what type of plant you place on the exterior of your house, make sure you take care of it regularly!

The exterior elements of the house above are very important to apply because they can support a healthy lifestyle for all residents of the house. Come on, create your own healthy residence!