Questions to Ask the Property Agent

Questions to Ask the Property Agent

Questions to Ask the Property Agent – In buying a house you definitely want to know about the house, to find out this you have to ask some important questions to the property agent.  Important questions that you should ask a home owner before buying are:

1. Why is the house for sale?

These are important questions that can provide you with information to determine the bid price in accordance with the conditions of the house for sale and determine how much the seller needs to immediately release the house.

2. How much is the maintenance cost for the house for sale?

This question is asked so that the costs that must be spent routinely are reflected. For example, the amount of Land and Building Tax (PBB), average electricity bill, PAM bill, cleaning fee and environmental safety.

3. What is the problem of building a house for sale?

You need to know all the problems inherent in the building, whether they have or are currently happening. This is important so that you can estimate the actions and costs that will need to be taken to anticipate them. For example, if there is a leak in the underground water pipe and the water pump turns on automatically, the electricity bill is expensive. In other cases, there may also be frames and partitions that have been eaten by termites, broken tiles, damp walls, and so on.

4. What events have happened in the house for sale?

This question is asked to find out problems or events that have happened in the house before. For example, there has been a death in that house or maybe this house has certain values ​​so that it deserves appreciation (for example the house of a former official or a house belonging to a national hero, etc.).

5. What are the infrastructure facilities at the house location?

Information on the availability of school facilities, markets, supermarkets, and adequate road widths in good neighborhoods will be an additional point. Apart from that you can also do your own survey. The better and more complete the existing facilities, the more valuable the house is for sale. You can also immediately estimate the amount of funds that will go out to buy the house.

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6. What is the status of the house?

Don’t forget to ask the seller about the status of the house for sale. Avoid falling in love with a house that has problems in ownership, aka in dispute. In addition to the complicated business of buying and selling, buying a house for sale like this is a high risk. It’s good to find out properly and do a cross check before paying. It is better to wait for clear and complete information before making the agreement, than to regret it later.

Other Things to Consider

Secondary homes can be a very profitable investment. When reviewing homes for sale that you are interested in, consider really a few things below:

Is the house for sale more suitable for living or as an investment?

Is the layout of the house for sale suitable? Can it be changed?

What is the condition of the home environment, is it safe and comfortable to live in?

How is the water quality in the house for sale?

How much power is there in the house?

Is there a place to store things?

Is there any furniture or building elements that need repair?

How is the condition of the roof of the house?

Will it have to do a major renovation?

Does the area of ​​the page match what is needed?

Is the bathroom enough for the family?

Are housing prices affordable?