The Difference Between Clusters and Townhouses

The Difference Between Clusters and Townhouses – Do you know the difference between a cluster and a townhouse, ordinary people usually don’t know this. but for those of you who want to enter the world of property, you must know this.

Before deciding to choose one type of house between cluster houses or townhouses, it’s good to know more about the differences between cluster houses and townhouses.

1. A cluster house does not mean a townhouse

Before discussing more about the difference between cluster houses and townhouses, it is important to first understand the definition of these two types of housing.

A cluster house is a group of houses built in one environment with a harmonious composition without any fences separating the yard. However, generally there is only one access road in and out which is guarded by security officers, so that the safety of the residents is considered guaranteed.

Meanwhile, a townhouse is generally defined as a housing complex with a limited number of units located in the middle of the city with a system like a cluster house where the entire complex is protected by fences or walls. The supporting facilities provided specifically for townhouse residents can be considered exclusive and magnificent, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and others.

2. Different residential property design policies

If you are someone who prefers a dream house with a view that is free to tamper with, it’s a good idea to choose a cluster house. Even though the house that was purchased already has its own architectural design, it does not rule out that you can renovate the house so that the architectural design of the house is more in line with your wishes.

It’s different with townhouses, the architectural design of the house is even more magnificent and charming to suit the entire complex. However, unlike cluster houses, it is generally not allowed to renovate the front view of the house.

3. Different basic concepts of housing complexes

In the cluster housing complex, the main priority lies in the safety of the residential environment. The cluster housing uses a one gate system or one access system which is closely guarded by security officers 24 hours a day.

Although townhouse housing also uses a one gate system like a cluster house, the townhouse system is present in Indonesia to provide exclusive housing in the middle of the city to meet the needs of expatriates and elites.

4. The number of housing units in the cluster and townhouse system

The difference between cluster houses and townhouses can then be found in the number of housing units in one housing complex. Cluster house complexes usually have a fairly large complex area with the number of units that can reach hundreds of cluster houses.

Whereas in housing with the townhouse concept, you may only find dozens to dozens of housing units in one complex. It is much less complex than a cluster house because of the exclusive concept that is the principle and the selling value of the townhouse housing.

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5. More exclusive facilities in townhouses

Both cluster house complexes or town houses, both are equipped with various facilities to support the activities of its residents, ranging from sports facilities such as swimming pools, basketball courts and jogging tracks to green open spaces such as parks or even artificial lakes.

However, in cluster houses, the facilities are scattered in a more limited number of housing complexes. In townhouse housing, the facilities available specifically for residents tend to be more complete and can all be enjoyed in the same complex.

Those are the basic differences between cluster houses and townhouses. Each type of housing certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages that need to be your consideration in choosing the most appropriate housing according to your needs. So, what type of housing do you think best suits your dream home? Cluster house or townhouse?