The Latest Model of Open Space Glass Canopy Protector

The Latest Model of Open Space Glass Canopy Protector– For residents who usually have an open space to breathe fresh air, for this open space usually uses a top protector which is commonly referred to as a canopy.

For houses in tropical regions, the supply of sunlight and excessive rain intensity often become obstacles in using open spaces, such as terraces and house yards. Because of this, glass canopies are popularly used as protection so that open spaces can function properly and avoid the scorching sun and heavy rain.

The Latest Model of Open Space Glass Canopy Protector

Why Choose a Glass Canopy?

By using a glass canopy, the terrace is not only protected from unfriendly weather, the appearance of the terrace also looks more stylish with a clean look that is shown by the transparency of the glass canopy. When the weather is friendly, the fresh atmosphere of the open space is even more pronounced while relaxing on the terrace, which is covered by a glass canopy.

Besides that, one of these canopy models is also closely related to natural lighting. Natural lighting is an aspect that determines the quality of a good residence. Residential quality is considered to be supplied with sufficient natural lighting. In this case, a glass canopy can be a solution for dwellings that don’t get enough natural lighting.

The thing that is then questioned is where and what kind of glass canopy is suitable for your living needs. Here are some types of glass canopies that can be an inspiration to protect open spaces in the house!

Types of Glass Canopies

1. Glass canopy for the terrace of the house

Glass canopies mounted on the front of buildings are often found in commercial buildings. The installation of a glass canopy was chosen to strengthen the architectural concept of a building whose exterior is filled with glass. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t apply it to the facade of the house. The glass canopy can make your simple home look more elegant.

2. Glass canopy for the backyard

The yard or backyard of the house is always the right place to gather together while enjoying the free air. By installing a glass canopy, the atmosphere of gathering can feel even more memorable. The glass canopy also looks so flexible that it can blend in with various styles of open space design.

3. Glass canopy for carport

Canopy is generally used to protect the vehicle parking area or (carport). A glass canopy can also be used to protect this area. So that the heat from the sun does not directly hit a vehicle parked under a glass canopy, use a glass type with an opaque surface.

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4. Glass canopy for veranda

If you want more privacy while enjoying the beauty of the garden behind your house, a glass canopy can be used for a closed veranda. With this closed open space design, you can get extra space in your home while still being able to enjoy open space freely without feeling isolated.

5. The glass canopy connects two separate buildings

Two separate buildings can be made as if they were connected using a glass canopy. With the protection of the glass canopy, this area not only acts as a passive transitional area, but can also be used as an active area such as a relaxing room and a meditation room.