THIS IS THE STORY OF A FORMER GAMBLEThis disease of society is very difficult to eliminate. Even though it’s just placing bets while watching football or other sports matches, it’s still gambling.Especially now that there are many online gambling services available. Of course people will be tempted to follow the gambling game.Reporting from, former gambler, TM, a resident of Solo, told his experience when he was trapped in land gambling in early 2013. He said that at that time the practice of online gambling already existed. However, it has not been as busy as it is today due to the influence of technology.”Land gambling without capital, for example, without money, must be willing to bet. Even though when I started I was a student with no income. As a result, gamblers always lost and had difficulty paying for the losing bet,” he explained.He told me that when he was a student in 2015, his bitter experience repeated itself after a year of absence. With no capital, he bets every weekend game. He never missed playing football when there was a big game like the Champions League.Unfortunately, the shadow of money when he was young disappeared. In fact, he was forced to pawn his motorbike to continue his studies because he lost a bet during soccer gambling.”In the beginning, when you have a good feeling, you will definitely win. After a while, when you win, you will want more. If you lose, you want to

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bet again to cover previous losses. It’s like that for sure,” added TM.He added that every day gamblers will be sent a betting exchange. He gambled with some of his boarding friends as if they were competing to get the coffers. Luckily, TM only played in the millions of rupiah, not tens of millions of rupiah.”Many of my friends have had their studies hampered because of soccer gambling. Laptops, motorbikes, tuition fees have disappeared. I don’t want to be like my colleagues until I finally decided to quit,” he said.