Tips for Controlling Emotions

Tips for Controlling Emotions – Humans must have a sense of anger if they are annoyed or there is an anger that flows in them. Everyone must have felt angry. But sometimes there are some types of people who are emotional and have difficulty controlling their anger. Explosive emotions can have a negative impact on a person. Some of the bad consequences include stress, heart attack or stroke, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, or breathing problems.

Anger is hard to predict. These emotional feelings can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. Therefore, learning to control anger is very important for everyone. Well, the following tips are very effective and you should consider starting to learn to control your anger.

Tips for Controlling Emotions

1. Take a deep breath and exhale 3 times
According to Robert Nicholson PhD, an assistant professor of community and family medicine at Saint Louis University, when someone is angry their body becomes more tense. Breathing deeply helps to relax the body again, making it effective for slowly lowering emotions from within.

2. Counting in your heart
Have you ever seen someone count to ten and so on when they were angry? This method was found to be effective in reducing emotional outbursts. In addition to counting silently, you can also try singing, reading prayers and remembrance, or reading pieces of the holy book silently. Guaranteed to soothe!

3. Channel your anger into something non-destructive
Instead of punching walls, tearing paper, or yelling at other people, it’s better to channel your anger into something less harmful. Squeezing squishy, ​​venting and exclaiming at close friends, or washing your face with cold water can be one alternative method.

4. Shut Up
When you are emotional, it is difficult to completely calm yourself down. But silence is the best way to calm yourself down. When you are Anger , try to be quiet for a few moments. Without realizing it, your anger will decrease slowly.

5. Smile!
No matter how angry you are, try to smile for at least a few seconds. These tips are very helpful for stabilizing your emotions again and relaxing facial muscles that are tense due to anger. Smiling is the most effective method of bringing back a positive aura into the mind. If necessary, use humor or jokes to help release tension. So, don’t forget to smile!