Unique Ceramic House Front Inspiration

Unique Ceramic House Front Inspiration – Ceramic models are one of the important things in the construction of a house, with the selection of the right ceramic, the house can look clean and spacious. But did you know that kermaik use is not only for the inside of the house, but can also be used for the outside of the house.

However, can wall tiles only be used in the house? The answer is of course no! With the same goal, which is to beautify the appearance of the house, you can also apply wall tiles to the front of the house, such as on a terrace, balcony, or swimming pool area. Currently, the use of wall tiles on the exterior of the house is increasingly popular, especially for unique motifs. Therefore, below Kania has prepared an anti-mainstream ceramic motif for the front wall of the house so that you stay up-to-date. Come on, just have a look together!

1. Wall mural ceramic motif

When viewed one by one, this ceramic wall motif looks very abstract. However, after seeing the ceramic wall motifs in their entirety, everyone will be amazed because there will be a picture of a mountain painting against the background of the twilight sky and some plants below.

The ceramic wall mural motif is deliberately set apart to highlight its uniqueness. Just imagine if there were no gaps on each of the ceramic wall motifs above. Looks normal, right? Therefore, the technique of attaching this wall ceramic motif deserves thumbs up because it succeeded in making it anti-mainstream.

2. Mandala Wall Ceramic Motif

]Furthermore, there are Mandala-style wall ceramic motifs with geometric shapes that are very beautiful and aesthetic. There is only one color nuance, namely light blue. Even so, this ceramic wall motif does not look monotonous thanks to the patterns that are different from one another.

You can attach the Mandala wall ceramic motif which is also a bohemian pattern or style, you can attach it to the terrace wall of the house according to your taste, for example, arranged in an orderly manner by giving a little distance to each of the tiles. Thanks to its uniqueness, this ceramic wall motif can become a focal point on your porch.

3. Abstract Mosaic Wall Ceramic Motif

If you are an artistic person, you will definitely be interested in this ceramic wall motif even though it looks abstract. From end to end, this ceramic wall motif consistently carries the concept of a mosaic with an irregular arrangement, be it in terms of image, shape or color. However, instead of looking messy, this ceramic wall motif actually looks very attractive and is able to create an anti-mainstream impression.

Now, thanks to its uniqueness, you can also take advantage of this ceramic wall motif as an Instagrammable photo background, you know! How, are you interested in using this ceramic wall motif for an exterior part of your house?

4. Blue Leaf Wall Ceramic Motif

To make the front of the house attractive, wall tiles do not always have to be affixed to a large surface, but can also be on a smaller surface in an upward or vertical position. Ceramic wall motifs that you can use in vertical models are those with matching patterns and colors, such as the blue leaf motif in the inspiration above.

The leaf image on this ceramic wall is deliberately made as if it is stacked so that it doesn’t look boring. This ceramic wall motif combines with a plain white wall to create a cool and soothing impression. If you want to use a ceramic wall motif like this, it is most suitable to be applied to the garden or swimming pool area.

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5. Ceramic Flower Wall Motif

Well, for those of you who like a more feminine look, this ceramic flower wall motif can be an inspiration for you. Each ceramic has a different flower image. In addition, among the ceramic flower wall motifs, there are also motifs of twigs and leaves that make the front area of ​​your house more attractive.

Not to forget, the orange nuances and a little touch of green from this ceramic wall motif also make the overall appearance more alive. Moreover, around this wall tile there are several green plants attached so that the ceramic wall motif feels very real.