Wall Background Ideas for Photo Spots

Wall Background Ideas for Photo Spots – At this time, many residents of the house want their home to be a place for good photos. because of this many times people want to make separate spot photos at their homes.

Background walls can effectively build a certain impression in the room. What’s more, with the large variety of colors and patterns that give rise to various expressions, wall backgrounds are increasingly popular to be used to create Instagrammable interior and exterior spots.

With the abundance of wall background choices, you must be confused about what kind of wall background choice is suitable for your home. Come on, take a peek at some of these wall background ideas!

1. Dynamic background with play of colors

A solid wash of paint can easily liven up a space. Pastel background walls are very popular because they present a sweet impression that spoils the eye.

Create a dynamic impression on the wall background display with various wall decorations such as art work, posters, or a series of photo frames. Install wall decorations in the right composition so that the wall background appears balanced.

2. The walls are exposed

In addition to pastel feminine nuances, the industrial-style corner of the room is enough to steal the attention to take pictures. The masculine impression that emerges from the industrial style can be obtained through the wall background with the exposed wall concept. The wall background is left to appear as is and not covered with paint or wallpaper.

You can display an exposed wall background from a red brick arrangement or a cement wall that is polished with a rough finish. The presence of several other industrial elements, iron pipes and wire chandeliers can also strengthen the concept that you want to carry on the background wall.

3. Attractive wallpapers

The use of wallpaper as an accent on the wall background is in line with the more expressive character of modern society. In use, wallpaper does not need to be applied to all parts of the room walls.

Present an attractive photo spot by utilizing one side of the wall, like in this family room. Apart from the background walls, metal framed mirrors and console tables also complement the excitement of this photo spot.

The bedroom should be the most comfortable place for expression. Wall background with wallpaper can be applied to present a certain theme, especially for children’s bedrooms. Not only unique to be a photo spot, this tropical forest themed wall background can also hone your little one’s imagination when applied to a child’s bedroom.

4. Parquet walls

Apart from parquet floors, there are also parquet walls. This parquet background wall clearly presents a different expression. It is as if the eyes are truly spoiled with a harmonious blend of natural and warmth that is displayed on this wall background.

Apart from parquet, several options that you can choose from are wall backgrounds with wooden panels or planks installed. No need to worry, the results will not be much different from parquet walls.

5. The background is full of motives

Minimalist and Scandinavian concepts are increasingly dominating the interior design. Not many dare to apply the interior arrangement that contradicts these two concepts.

This wall background displays a maximalist impression with a complete blend of patterns. Not only across different cultures, this wall background also transcends different time periods. Starting from prehistoric entik, boho, traditional motifs to modern motifs, namely animal print.

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6. Featured walls

The featured wall background displays a unique profile cut. The features used can be wood lattices, wood profiles that display a three-dimensional effect, or thinly cut wood panels. The wood used can also be solid wood or processed wood, but make sure it is resistant to termites or insect attacks.

The presence of a featured wall background can create a different sensation to the room. Polishing it with a unique painting technique can also bring new energy and influence the mood of the owner.

Make sure the wall background you choose matches the photo spot concept you want to display. You need to know, the choice of wall background can also reflect your taste and personality, you know. So, don’t make the wrong choice, huh. Happy expression!